March 5, 2014


Dear triathlete/duathlete/loyal St. Joseph Island Tri competitor,


It is with heavy hearts that we send this out to you, our loyal participants. After 10 years as a staple for local and international athletes alike, the St. Joseph Island Triathlon has reached the end of the road. There will be no Triathlon in Richard’s Landing this summer.


The community of Richards Landing and the Township of St. Joseph have been partnering to host the St. Joseph Island Triathlon since its inception. The event began with approximately 200 participants in 2004 and grew to more than double that in 2013, straining the capacity of the host community. For the past few years our core volunteer group has been struggling with the toll of pulling off the event with the amount of time and attention it requires, and the restrictions of our location. Each year we de-brief and each year new challenges come up due to the growth of the event. As the event has grown, worries over race site layout, parking, pedestrian and traffic control have also grown.


We appreciate the generosity of Richard’s Landing residents who have accommodated race participants over the years, volunteering and cheering you on. Putting on an event of this magnitude requires a lot of time throughout the year and creates a lot of stress, especially the weekend of the event. We have had some great volunteers who have taken this on year after year, but some of our key people are ready to retire. Unfortunately these people are irreplaceable, and their absence makes it impossible for us to consider continuing to host the Triathlon at its current location.


Our team has scanned various local lakes and rivers to find an alternative location, but have been unable to find a suitable alternative site. We need a suitable water source, with good, paved roads leading to it, and parking for a couple hundred vehicles. There are not a lot of options. While we welcome the input of our area communities and our participants, it is unlikely that a new location will be found in time for 2014.

We want to thank everyone who has been a part of our success over the years, and sincerely wish that we could have found a way to keep the event going. We wish you all every success in your triathlon goals, and hope that you’ll continue to swim, bike, run, and continue to build the strong triathlon community that we have in and around Sault Ste. Marie. Thank you for your support.

Sherri Smith

Race Director, St. Joseph Island Triathlon


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