Kids of Steel Race Rules



  1. Helmets must be securely fastened at all times while on the bike.
  2. All participants must obey the traffic rules.
  3. All participants must wear a shirt while on the bike and run courses.
  4. All participants must exhibit proper conduct in the transition area.


Participation in Adult Races

  1. Participants younger than 14 may not compete in adult events with the following exceptions:
  2. Participants aged 12-15 (as of December 31 in the year of competition) can enter adult events that do not exceed 400m swim, 10km bike, and 2.5km run. These athletes may participate in the St. Joseph Island Triathlon Try-a-Triathlon event.
  3. Participants 16 – 19 may participate in the Sprint Duathlon and Sprint Triathlon events
  4. Participannts 18 and older may participate in any event and relay
  5. In relays, participants who are 14 to 15 years old (as of December 31 in the year of competition) can compete in adult relay events, provided the following conditions are met: The relay may not exceed the sprint distance and the participant (age 14 to 15) may only complete one leg of the relay.  For the St. Joseph Island Triathlon, participants 14 to 15 years old can compete as a relay team member in the Sprint Duathlon and Sprint Triathlon but not the International Duathlon or Olympic Triathlon.


Awards Structure

  1. All Kids of Steel age groups will receive a gold, bronze or silver podium finish as indicated by the results.



  1. Pedals: Cages will not be allowed at any age.  Clipless pedals (aka clip-in pedals) will be allowed at any age provided the following conditions are met: they are double-sided (mountain bike pedals) and cycling shoes have the clips recessed in the tread so athletes can walk without slipping.  Only participants 14 years and older are allowed to use the “Look-type” pedals.
  2. Spokes: A maximum number of 16.
  3. Aerobars: Must be draft legal (i.e., may not extend beyond the brake levers) and must be bridged.


Outside Assistance

  1. To protect the spirit and originality of the discipline, no outside assistance of any kind will be permitted.  Such assistance may result in immediate disqualification.  This does not include medical assistance or volunteer assistance.  Outside assistance does include: any person running or riding along side a competitor, fixing flat tires or replacing chains, passing to or taking from any clothing, shoes, hats, or similar articles, any person assisting the competitor in transition, and demonstrating or indicating by any means, visual or aural, the location of the transition area or a competitors bike and rack. There is one exception to this rule – children participating in the 4 to 5 Years and 3 & Under category at the St. Joseph Island Triathlon are permitted to have adult assistance, including parents and guardians through out the entire race.
  2. A competitor, parent or guardian or any member of the competitor’s support team or entourage at a race, using abusive language or behaviour toward any official or unsportsmanlike behaviour, exposes the competitor to immediate disqualification and possible suspension.