Race Morning Instructions


General Expectations

  1. Come Early – Unlike other running-type events, triathlon and duathlon events require much more time. Registration can be a time consuming process. We do everything we can to minimize your wait in registration; however, please consider 30 minutes for registration as standard practice.
  2. Stay Late – Triathlon and Duathlon are long events. And while we do everything we can to minimize unnecessary waits, plan to spend several hours registering, racing and at the awards ceremony. In addition, we have three Kids of Steel races immediately following the completion of the adult races. Stay to watch these young athletes strut their stuff.



When I Arrive and at Registration

  1. Once you have arrived at race site, follow signs to Registration. Even if you have picked up your packet at early registration, you must visit registration in order to be Body Marked and receive your Timing Chip.  If you have not already registered or have not yet picked up your race packet, the volunteers in registration will help.
  2. At Registration you can expect the following:  Waiver: Each athlete must read and sign a waiver in order to race. The waiver is to be signed and given to the volunteer at Registration.  Race Numbers: All athletes will be given an assigned race number.  Swim Cap: Athletes in triathlon races will be given a pre-assigned coloured swim cap corresponding to a particular event and section.  Race Kit: Each Athlete will receive a bag, t-shirt and sponsor gifts.



The Transition Area and Timing

  1. Once you have finished at Registration, proceed to the Transition Area.  The Transition area is located approximately 2 minutes walking time from the Registration / Parking area.  Once there a volunteer will help you set up your bike and transition supplies at the designated area for your race and age group.
  2. Of particular note, we have timing mats in the transition area. These areas are identified by an orange-red mat placed at the entrance and exit points of the Transition. Please DO NOT run over the mats before the race with your timing chip on.
  3. At the Finish line, each athlete’s timing chip will be collected. Athletes who misplace the timing chip will be charged for a replacement.


Race Instructions

  1. Triathlon: Races may start in waves depending on the number of participants in the race. Please check race information boards for more information.
  2. Duathlon: Duathletes will start their race adjacent to the Finish Line. Duathletes will use the same finish line as triathletes.
  3. Relay Instructions: Every member of the relay team must go through the Registration process, including being bodymarked and receiving one timing chip. The timing chip acts as the relay teams “baton” to exchange between racers. All exchange MUST take place at the team’s bike rack, transferring the timing chip to the next athlete. The runner must wear the bib number on the front of his or her jersey.


Post-Race Instructions

  1. Tear-down of the transition area must begin immediately following the finish of the last competitor. Please be considerate of race crew and remove your race gear and any litter in your transition area. Race organizers are not responsible for any items left unattended after the finish of the race.
  2. Post-race awards take place immediately following the race. Awards will be presented at the end of the race. If an athlete wins an award, but cannot stay to pick-up the award, he or she can call the St. Joseph Island Triathlon organization (705-759-2467) and have it mailed to their address at no cost. Draw prizes will be given out during the awards. Winners must be present at Awards to accept draw prizes.


General Rules

If you are not familiar with the rules of triathlon, please visit our Adult and Kids of Steel Race Rules pages.