Relay Team Information


Important Information for Relay Teams:

1. Relay teams are all “lumped” in together despite the relay team composition.  For example, a relay team can consist of three women or three men.  It can have a 25 year old, a 50 year old and a 30 year old.  It can be composed of either two or three individuals.  Whatever the combination, all relay teams compete against each other.

2. Every member of the relay team MUST go through the Registration process.  One relay team member CANNOT pick up race packets for other relay team members.  It is imperative that all members of the relay team sign a waiver to compete.  If one or more members of a relay team do not sign a waiver prior to competition the relay team will not be allowed to participate.

3. On race morning, all members of a relay team must go to Registration to be body marked and to receive ONE timing chip.

4. The timing chip acts as the relay team’s “baton” to exchange between racers.  All exchanges MUST take place at the team’s bike rack; transferring the timing chip to the next athlete.  The runner must wear the bib number on the front of his or her jersey / shirt.

5. Relay teams may give themselves a name.  For example, Team Jones Family or Team Rockettes.  The name is up to you and will be announced as you are competing, finishing and at the awards.

6. Athletes who are 14-15 (as of Dec 31 of the year of competition) can compete only in the following adult relay events: Sprint Triathlon and Sprint Duathlon.  They may not compete in the International Duathlon or Olympic Triathlon.